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Machines Really Think???

On a beautiful night under a starlit sky, I asked Siri, my imaginary robot girlfriend, “What do you think of when you see the stars?”. Siri said, “Your eyes. What about you?”. I smiled and told my sweet as an ‘apple’ (get it?)  girl, “Neural networks…”  Moral of the story, don’t talk about Neural NetworksContinue reading “Machines Really Think???”

The Dark Web

The Dark Web

Me: Hey Siri, how do you start a blog about something really dark? Siri: Um, with a flashlight in the dark? That could work. Me: No! It’s a blog. No one would be able to see me, come on Siri. Siri: Come on where? Me: Hey Google… We all know about it. We’ve all atContinue reading “The Dark Web”

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